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Redirect stdout/stderr from a child_process to /dev/null or something similar

I am creating some child_processes with Node.js (require('child_process')) and I want to ensure that the stdout/stderr from each child_process does not go to the terminal, because I want only the output from the parent process to get logged. Is there a way to redirect the stdout/stderr streams in the child_processes to /dev/null or some other place that is not the terminal?


perhaps it's just:

var n = cp.fork('child.js',[],{
   stdio: ['ignore','ignore','ignore']

I just tried that, and that didn't seem to work.

Now I tried this:

var stdout, stderr;

if (os.platform() === 'win32') {
    stdout = fs.openSync('NUL', 'a');
    stderr = fs.openSync('NUL', 'a');
else {
    stdout = fs.openSync('/dev/null', 'a');
    stderr = fs.openSync('/dev/null', 'a');

and then this option:

stdio: ['ignore',  stdout, stderr],

but that didn't do it, but it seems like using the "detached:true" option might make this work.

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Alexander Mills Avatar asked Mar 13 '23 09:03

Alexander Mills

1 Answers


To throw away the stdout and stderr of a forked childprocess:

  1. setup a pipe i.e. use silent = True when forking.

  2. And redirect the stdout and stderr pipes on the parent process into /dev/null.


The node.js documentation states :

For convenience, options.stdio may be one of the following strings:

'pipe' - equivalent to ['pipe', 'pipe', 'pipe'] (the default)
'ignore' - equivalent to ['ignore', 'ignore', 'ignore']
'inherit' - equivalent to [process.stdin, process.stdout, process.stderr] or [0,1,2]

Apparently childprocess.fork() does NOT support ignore; Only childprocess.spawn() does.

fork does support a silent option that allows one to choose between pipe OR inherit.

When forking a child process:
If silent = True, then stdio = pipe.
If silent = False, then stdio = inherit.


If true, stdin, stdout, and stderr of the child will be piped to the parent, otherwise they will be inherited from the parent.

See the 'pipe' and 'inherit' options for child_process.spawn()'s stdio for more details.

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TheCodeArtist Avatar answered Mar 15 '23 23:03