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R computation at server side

I am trying to develop a web application, which allows users to input data through Web, and select according data analysis procedures. I will have a R program running at the server side. It conducts related analysis based on the input and requested procedures.

I only have R programming skills but I never did any Web applications. I would like to know which necessary skills are required for this kind of project, and how to enable R to do server-side computations. I really appreciate your response.

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user871972 Avatar asked Nov 04 '22 17:11


1 Answers

Your options are quite wide this time:

  • RApache: ideal solution if you happen to know Apache webserver and might have some slight knowledge of PHP. Without any decent chance for statefull implementation! Well, this stands true for most later suggestions also :)
  • check also Rook, which is a really inspiring and promising initiative,
  • proprietary web engine of Revolution Analytics: if you would go the Java way, especially with the JasperReports extension,
  • call R-script from any programming language: if you prefer this, do check littler!,
  • use of Rserve: many clients implemented/being implemented. Sessions are also handled in some way.

But anyway: you should have a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript despite the fact which way you choose. And also, do not forget about managing the (web/database/etc.) server :)

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daroczig Avatar answered Nov 09 '22 04:11