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python call external program non-blocking way

is there a way to call an external program inside python and don't wait for its execution to finish?

I tried this, but no luck:

os.system("external_program &")

Normally, if I call external_program & inside a bash shell it executes as a background process. How can I do it inside python? For, my special case, creating another thread does not work. After main python scrip is done, the external program should continue its execution.

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Gokhan Ka Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 15:03

Gokhan Ka

1 Answers

Yes, use the subprocess module. For example:

p = subprocess.Popen(['external_program', 'arg1', 'arg2'])
# Process is now running in the background, do other stuff...
# Check if process has completed
if p.poll() is not None:
# Wait for process to complete
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Adam Rosenfield Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 19:04

Adam Rosenfield