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playn-showcase-html is not a GWT project





As per the getting started wiki page, I had Indigo with the Android plugin installed; I installed the Maven Integration for WTP and Google plugins (in that order). I can run the Java version of the showcase fine; when I try to Google > GWT Compile the showcase-html, Eclipse tells me that this is "not a GWT project."

What am I doing wrong? Or is this broken?

Source can be found here for the next seven days: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zc2af3

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ashes999 Avatar asked Feb 22 '23 10:02


2 Answers

With all of those plugins installed Eclipse should auto-detect the GWT "nature" of the yourgame-html subproject. It works fine for me and at least a few other people.

In any case, you can simply right click on that project, select "Google -> Web Toolkit Settings..." and click "Use Google Web Toolkit" on the dialog that pops up.

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samskivert Avatar answered Mar 04 '23 20:03


Right click on the project "Run As -> Run Configurations". We should at-least create one configuration for web application. Click on New Configuration and eclipse will automatically fill the information(ie.playn-showcase-html & the class information ). Go ahead and click on Run and you should be able to get you server to run. Hope this helps.

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shyamgamepassion Avatar answered Mar 04 '23 19:03