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PHP ORM frameworks with features similar to ADO.NET Entity Framework Code First?

I'm coming from .NET world back to PHP for some side projects. I am comfortable with PHP as a language, but am kind of lost in many PHP frameworks available today. Back in the days I did PHP we just wrote SQL queries, so I have no idea what is possible with PHP today in terms of ORM, therefore the question.

I got used to creating my database models using ADO.NET Entity Framework Code First and I like this approach, so I am looking for a PHP ORM framework with similar set of features.

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famousgarkin Avatar asked Feb 21 '23 20:02


1 Answers

If I understand you correctly, you are searching a framework with something like AR and CRUD. I think almost every more famous PHP framework have this options.

Anyway, I am using Yii framework and I can say it's one of the best options, but you can surf a little to see which framework can fit your requirements.

You can create DB with table relations etc, and the generator will create your models + relations for the Active Record. Also CRUD generator can create and the View/Controller part.

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BornToDrink Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 17:04