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Mathematical expression in print command in Linux

I can't get my mistake in this command:

printf "%.2f\t" "'$a'+'$c'*'$b'" > ofile.txt

I am getting the value as 50.00. But I should get it 17.00.

How to do this when a, b, c are floating values? e.g. a=2.4, b=5.1 and c=3.2

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Kay Avatar asked Mar 16 '23 18:03


1 Answers

Your 2nd argument to printf is interpreted as the string '2', which has an ascii value of 50. If you want to do arithmetic, use arithmetic evaluation in bash:

printf "%.2f\t" "$((a+b*c))" > ofile.txt
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Denis Avatar answered Mar 23 '23 07:03