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Llist dataframe names in Global environment [duplicate]

I am trying to write a function that lists the names of dataframes in my global environment.

I can do this by using the code:

l[sapply(l, function(x) is.data.frame(get(x)))]

I need to convert this into a function that I can easily call upon.

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PJC Avatar asked Jan 25 '23 01:01


1 Answers

You have to be aware that ls() by default lists objects in the current environment. If you wrap your code in a function, this current environment is the internal function environment, which is empty at that point (we are at the first line of the function and nothing has been defined yet). Since you are interested in the global environment, you have to explicitly specify this with .GlobalEnv:

lsf <- function() {
  l[sapply(l, function(x) is.data.frame(get(x, envir = .GlobalEnv)))]

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Bas Avatar answered Jan 31 '23 21:01