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Is QuickBooks API QBD V3 Really Deprecated?

I just started developing an Intuit App yesterday and was really getting going on integrating with QuickBooks Desktop. Then today I logged in to continue work and was greeted by several missing pages on Intuit's IPP site and a link that says "Deprecated QBO V2 and QBD V2,V3". The only API that appears to not be deprecated is QBO V3.

I cannot find any announcement from Intuit about any upcoming deprecation. Does anybody have any info on whether I am safe to continue developing my app to connect to QBD or do I need to talk to our accountant to move over to QBO instead?

EDIT: I have marked Jarred's answer as the accepted answer because he associated with Intuit and answers my specific situation. Also check Charlie's answer for additional details specific to other scenarios.

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AndyB37 Avatar asked Nov 08 '13 15:11


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2 Answers

I interviewed several people from Intuit at the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference this week, including (amongst others) Dan Wernikoff, Senior VP.

I'll have an article in my blog on this (http://www.sleeter.com/blog/) next week - I'm transcribing my recordings and clarifying points.

There are a LOT of points here, but to address what you are looking at -

If you are writing an IPP app using V3 for QBO - no problem (and in fact, some good news there).

If you are already published with IPP using V3 and Sync Manager for the Desktop, you will get continued support but don't expect any advancement there (unless you are someone big like American Express).

If you are NOT already published with IPP for the Desktop - the SDK is your option. And there is a lot more info about this coming out

MINOR EDIT AT A LATER DATE: If you have been working with IPP for the desktop you MIGHT get approved to continue - no guarantees on that (but it seems they might be lenient). But In my opinion you can't expect any significant new features (as in, more data access) moving forward unless you are a significant partner with a contract with them (such as, American Express).

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Charlie Russell Avatar answered Sep 21 '22 13:09

Charlie Russell

Intuit will not prevent you from going live with your application that you have spent the last 6 months working on. We have a set of guidelines for grandfathering in developers who have invested in using the v2 REST API for QuickBooks Desktop.

feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions.

@Charlie if you could correct your statement regarding if you are NOT published then you need to use the QBXML SDK. That is too generic, we will evaluate each developer on a case by case basis.


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Jarred Keneally Avatar answered Sep 19 '22 13:09

Jarred Keneally