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In C#, should I use struct to wrap an object in order to fulfill additional interfaces?

There is an existing class from a third-party library I want to reuse, but it does not implement some of the required interfaces. I'm thinking of wrapping it inside a struct to fulfill the required interfaces (basically like how Scala does it). The reason why I prefer struct over class for this use case is because it only stores one thing: the wrapped object, and it probably won't incur performance penalties? But I'm not sure if boxing would occur if I pass a struct to some method that takes in an interface? And are there any other drawbacks about this approach?

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shengmin Avatar asked Mar 23 '23 06:03


1 Answers

Microsoft gives very clear and straightforward reasons where you should use a struct instead of a class:

√ CONSIDER defining a struct instead of a class if instances of the type are small and commonly short-lived or are commonly embedded in other objects.

X AVOID defining a struct unless the type has all of the following characteristics:

  • It logically represents a single value, similar to primitive types (int, double, etc.).
  • It has an instance size under 16 bytes.
  • It is immutable.
  • It will not have to be boxed frequently.


And seems like it's not your case. And btw yes, boxing will occur if you pass a struct to a method that takes an interface. Also take into account that structures don't support inheritance and they can't have explicit parameterless constructors.

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Olexander Ivanitskyi Avatar answered Mar 24 '23 21:03

Olexander Ivanitskyi