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html2canvas captures everything except the content of an inner canvas

I've got a map rendered by means of leaflet.

I need to make a screenshot of that map by using html2canvas.

To make use of html2canvas, I need to provide a DOM element to capture (elementToCapture) and an optional configuration (html2canvasConfiguration).

var html2canvasConfiguration = {
    useCORS: true,
    width: map._size.x,
    height: map._size.y,
    backgroundColor: null,
    logging: true,
    imageTimeout: 0

var elementToCapture = map._container.getElementsByClassName('leaflet-pane leaflet-map-pane')[0];
html2canvas(elementToCapture, html2canvasConfiguration).then(function (canvas) {
    var link = document.createElement('a');
    link.download = 'test.png';
    link.href = canvas.toDataURL();

I extract an element by the leaflet-pane leaflet-map-pane class, which basically represents the whole map including controls (zoom in/out buttons, scale, etc), custom markers, tooltips, overlays, popups.

The entire DOM looks like

<div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-map-pane">
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-tile-pane">
        <div class="leaflet-gl-layer mapboxgl-map">
            <div class="mapboxgl-canvas-container">
                <canvas class="mapboxgl-canvas leaflet-image-layer leaflet-zoom-animated"></canvas>
            <div class="mapboxgl-control-container"></div>
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-shadow-pane"></div>
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-overlay-pane"></div>
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-marker-pane"></div>
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-tooltip-pane"></div>
    <div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-popup-pane"></div>
<div class="leaflet-control-container"></div>

The problem I've faced is the leaflet-pane leaflet-tile-pane element (particularly the content of the inner canvas) doesn't get captured by html2canvas. To put it simply, I see everything on the map, but I don't see the map itself.

enter image description here

enter image description here


The version I am currently using is 1.0.0-rc.1 (the latest one).


The nature of the canvas is webgl. Might it be the issue? According to this, they do support webgl canvases.


I tried to obtain the canvas programmatically and call toDataURL on it. It resulted in an empty screenshot, even with the preserveDrawingBuffer hack.


Oddly enough, it doesn't capture only certain canvases. I've created a 2d canvas (by adding preferCanvas to map configuration) and it got shown.

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Andrew Tobilko Avatar asked Mar 05 '23 03:03

Andrew Tobilko

1 Answers

Try this, add this to the top of your page, before any other scripts

HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext = function(origFn) {
  return function(type, attribs) {
    attribs = attribs || {};
    attribs.preserveDrawingBuffer = true;
    return origFn.call(this, type, attribs);

Does it help?

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gman Avatar answered Apr 14 '23 04:04