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how to set unique primary key for all table in same database

how to set an unique primary key to all the table of database?
for example i don't wanted to repeat any primary key of different table.

table A:
id | name
1  | aaa
3  | bbb
5  | ccc

table B:
id | surname
7  | ddd
2  | eee
9  | fff

table C:
id | nickname
4  | ggg
6  | hhh
8  | iii

all id are primary key and auto_increment. All the data is entered dynamically.I am using MYSQL in PHPMYADMIN.

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Harjeet Jadeja Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 00:03

Harjeet Jadeja

1 Answers

You may add a new table to your schema called ID_Table that will have only one numeric column called current_id with default value of 0 ,when adding a new row to any other table of the schema you have to call a select on the ID_Table returning ID_Table.current_id + 1 as new id value. Then updating ID_Table must be done

Update ID_Tableset ID_Table.current_id = ID_Table.current_id + 1 

the GetNewId function could be implemented by locking the ID_Table
Updating ID_Table
returning NewID

something like this (I have used Oracle syntax)

create table ID_Table(
   current_id number

Insert into ID_Table values(0);

CREATE OR REPLACE Function GetNewId RETURN number is
  new_id    ID_Table.current_id%type;
  row_count number;
  select nvl(ID_Table.current_id, 0) + 1
    INTO new_id
    FROM ID_Table
     for update;
  update ID_Table set ID_Table.Current_Id = new_id;

  RETURN new_id;
end GetNewId;
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Mohsen Heydari Avatar answered Apr 02 '23 15:04

Mohsen Heydari