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How to restore TOAD layout to its orginal layout?



How to reset layout to orginal layout. I should get the same layout when first time I installed toad.

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@Edit-1: - I dont see SQL editor in the red highlighted area. How we can bring that up ?

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Jeff Cook Avatar asked Mar 06 '23 22:03

Jeff Cook

1 Answers

Option 1 - Reset docking layout and toolbars - Retain all option settings, saved connections, SQL Recall, etc.

Rt-click on Toad's toolbar and show the "Desktops" bar.

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Restore your default desktop.

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Reset your toolbar layout via rt-click menu over Toad's toolbar.

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Option 2 - Complete restoration of all configurations

If you'd like to do a complete restoration to a fresh installed state you can choose the "Copy User Settings..." menu item from the "Utilities" menu.

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In there choose the option to reset to a clean state and click OK.

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Note that this option will return all configuration settings to a fresh state including removing all saved connections and anything else you have done in Toad. The availability of "Copy User Settings..." is dependent on your version of Toad which I cannot tell from your screenshot alone, but it looks like you're on something in the 11.6-12.7 range so you should have it.

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Michael S. Avatar answered Apr 01 '23 01:04

Michael S.