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How to do database migration unit test between releases

I have an Android app with a database with version 1.

I added a data column in one table and idi a migration into a new release.

The problem I have is how to do unit tests for this. I needed to check if old data are correct inserted in the new structure and the new column is added and filled in the right way.

How would I best do this? Thanks in advance.

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IrApp Avatar asked Oct 31 '22 06:10


1 Answers

You can create a test case that builds an old version of your database and then run your migration. Here is a stripped down example.

public class DbHelperTest extends AndroidTestCase {
private SQLiteDatabase db;

public void setUp() throws Exception {
    mContext = new RenamingDelegatingContext(getContext(), "db_helper_test_");
    SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory cursorFactory = new SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory() {

        public Cursor newCursor(final SQLiteDatabase db, final SQLiteCursorDriver masterQuery, final String editTable,
                                final SQLiteQuery query) {
            return new SQLiteCursor(db, masterQuery, editTable, query);
    db = SQLiteDatabase.create(cursorFactory);


public void tearDown() throws Exception {

private void createV14Db(SQLiteDatabase db) {
    // Create tables and indices

    // Create some data

public void testDbUpgrade() {
    DbHelper dbHelper = new DbHelper(mContext);
    dbHelper.onUpgrade(db, 14, 100);

    // Check that things have been upgraded correctly
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Tad Avatar answered Nov 09 '22 09:11