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how to change theme in Magento2

UPDATE: this could be a version issue, should I update to the non-stable 2.0.4?

I know this should seem obvious to someone, but clearly it's not. as state in the documentation

In Admin, go to Stores > Configuration > Design.

but there is only a robot txt edit as seen in the below screen shot

design tab showing only robot .txt editor

I track down the issue on github #4251

All design configurations were moved to Content -> Design -> Configuration

when I get there, my custom theme successfully show up, but no button to change it, as seen below. there is no option to change from the default Luma theme to blank theme neither.

enter image description here

is it just me? or I am blind and missing something really obvious? My Magento version is 2.0.0.

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aahhaa Avatar asked May 13 '16 18:05


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How do I change the admin theme in Magento 2?

How to change admin theme in Magento. If you wish to override a template file for admin theme, the best way to do this is to copy this file from vendor/magento/module_name folder into app/design/adminhtml/ < ThemeName >/Module_name.

1 Answers

In newer version of Magento all design related item moved to : Content-> Design -> Configuration -> Edit

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Himen Avatar answered Oct 07 '22 01:10