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How Github implemented its Pull Request feature [closed]

I have question about GitHub — how they implemented Pull Request feature. Git SCM itself has git-request-pull commands. According to this answer GitHub can use git-request-pull and git-format-patch to do this.

How they implemented this feature? And what about Gitorious and Gitlab? How they did the same?

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Vlad Tsepelev Avatar asked Mar 24 '23 05:03

Vlad Tsepelev

1 Answers

They store the name of the branch from which you want to pull and generate diffs using git diff ^target-branch pull-head. When you accept the pull request, they simply run git merge pull-base.

They do not use git request-pull. There is even a discussion where Linus Torwalds insults them for it :)

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Chronial Avatar answered Mar 25 '23 20:03