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How do You Convert an AnyKeyPath to a WritableKeyPath?

I have an array of enum cases, where each case has a keyPath property, which returns an AnyKeyPath matching the classes property with the same name as the enum case:

protocol PathAccessor: CodingKey {
    var keyPath: AnyKeyPath { get }
    static var allCases: [Self] { get }

    init?(rawValue: Int)

extension PathAccessor {
    static var allCases: [Self] {
        var cases: [Self] = []
        var index: Int = 0
        while let element = Self.init(rawValue: index) {
            index += 1

        return cases

class Robot {

    let name: String
    var age: Int
    var powered: Bool
    var hasItch: Bool?

    enum CodingKeys: Int, PathAccessor {
        case name
        case age
        case powered
        case hasItch

        var keyPath: AnyKeyPath {
            switch self {
            case .name: return \Robot.name
            case .age: return \Robot.age
            case .powered: return \Robot.powered
            case .hasItch: return \Robot.hasItch

    init(name: String, age: Int, powered: Bool) {
        self.name = name
        self.age = age
        self.powered = powered

for element in Robot.CodingKeys.allCases {
    // Trying to implement

In the loop above, I want to check the keyPath property of the case to see if it is a WritableKeyPath, and if it is, create a closure that will modify the property that the key path accesses.

The problem with this is that a WritableKeyPath is a generic type. I know the Root type, but the Value type could be almost any type in existence. I could create a bunch of cases for each of most likely types:

if let path = element.keyPath as? WritableKeyPath<Robot, Int> {

} else if let path = element.keyPath as? WritableKeyPath<Robot, String> {

} // So on and so forth

But that is time consuming, ugly, and hard to maintain.

I did try to cast to a dynamic type, but that gives a compiler error (Use of undeclared type 'valueType'):

let valueType = type(of: element.keyPath).valueType
guard let path = element.keyPath as? WritableKeyPath<Self, valueType> else {

I could use a protocol that the types already conform to, but for some reason, that is also failing:

guard let path = element.keyPath as? WritableKeyPath<Robot, NodeInitializable> else {

// Output:
// bad
// bad
// bad
// bad

So, is it even possible to convert an AnyKeyPath to a WritableKeyPath without a huge string of unwrapping statements or weird hacks that shouldn't be used in production?

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Caleb Kleveter Avatar asked Nov 17 '22 22:11

Caleb Kleveter

1 Answers

After a few hours playing around with code, the best I got was this:

struct Person {
var name: String
var collection: [String]
var optionalCollection: [String]?
let birthdate: Date

fileprivate func keyPath<V>(from label: String, type: V.Type) -> WritableKeyPath<Person, V> {
    print("type: \(type)")
    let valuePair: [String: PartialKeyPath<Person>] = ["name": \Person.name,
                                                       "birthdate": \Person.birthdate,
                                                       "collection": \Person.collection,
                                                       "optionalCollection": \Person.optionalCollection]
    return valuePair[label] as! WritableKeyPath<Person, V>


var person = Person(name: "john",
                    collection: [],
                    optionalCollection: ["gotcha"],
                    birthdate: Date(timeIntervalSince1970: 0))

let name = person[keyPath: person.keyPath(from: "name", type: String.self)] // john
let birthdate = person[keyPath: person.keyPath(from: "birthdate", type: Date.self)] // Jan 1, 1970
let collection = person[keyPath: person.keyPath(from: "collection", type: Array<String>.self)] // []
let optionalCollection = person[keyPath: person.keyPath(from: "optionalCollection", type: Optional<Array<String>>.self)] // ["gotcha"]

However you must always pass the type as parameter. If only the Mirror class allowed us to get the actual type from each property.

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RicardoDuarte Avatar answered Jan 17 '23 12:01