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How do I view a recipe on a chef server?

knife search node '*:*' -a recipes

gives me all the nodes and their recipes.

knife node show NODE_ID -a recipes

gives me recipes used by a specific node with NODE_ID.

I need to fetch the contents of the recipes that these commands fetch. Even a command to view a specific recipe on the chef server would suffice.

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ashokgadeking Avatar asked Feb 15 '17 19:02


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2 Answers

knife cookbook show COOKNAME VERSION recipes RECIPENAME.rb

You can also tweak that for other types of files inside a cookbook.

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coderanger Avatar answered Sep 20 '22 21:09


You can use the knife cookbook show COOKBOOK [VERSION] [PART] [FILENAME] command:

knife cookbook show mycookbook 1.2.3 recipes default.rb

outputs the default recipe of mycookbook's version 1.2.3

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StephenKing Avatar answered Sep 20 '22 21:09