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How can solve the ERROR [BABEL] maximum size 500KB issue in server?

I am using NUXTJS application for an SSR page, but i am getting an error of bootstrap-vue icon size issue.

The file is hosted in AWS server and this will be the error

The code generator has deoptimised the styling of 
as it exceeds the max of 500KB.

enter image description here

What will be the issue on this ? i have added babbel in build location too..

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Syam kumar KK Avatar asked Jul 31 '20 10:07

Syam kumar KK

2 Answers

Try to add

babel: { compact: true }

below extend(config, ctx) {}, like this

 ** You can extend webpack config here
 extend(config, ctx) {},
 babel: { compact: true }

ref: https://github.com/bootstrap-vue/bootstrap-vue/issues/5627#issuecomment-668487772

Edit: edit this on nuxt.config.js file

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Fahmi Avatar answered Sep 16 '22 12:09


you can add it like this and it works,just added in your nuxt.config.js file

  build: {
     babel: {
      compact: true,
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Mustafa El-Gaml Avatar answered Sep 20 '22 12:09

Mustafa El-Gaml