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Highlighting of a makefile in eclipse

I have two makefiles in Eclipse, one is named all.mak and the second is called Makefile.

My Problem is that Makefile is highlighted correctly when opend with the Makefile-Editor but alle.mak is not. I know that under Window→Preferences→General→Editors→File Associations one can set the Makefile-Editor to open this file and I did so (but no highlighting for all.mak).

Is there another preference I have to make for correct highlighting of the all.mak-File?

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Andre Avatar asked Mar 17 '23 18:03


1 Answers

Yes, there is another preference to set. Go to..

  1. Open the preferences view: Window → Preferences
  2. General (in left panel)
  3. Content Types
  4. In the right panel ("Content types"): Text
  5. Makefile

Press the 'Add' button, and enter the same filename as you did in the File Association view.

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RemkoW Avatar answered Mar 31 '23 05:03