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graph api explorer doesn't return the same as the Get response from the visual

I have a strange problem.

I have a string of ad groups ids.. it's splited by commas.

I used graph api explorer of facebook in order to get the total spent of all of these ads.

so I call something like:


In the result there are 42 rows (total rows is 142, but I used offset (get from the 100'th rows) and limit(show only 100`th rows) so there is no problem yet).

In my visual, I make the same call:

int ADS_LIMIT = 100;
int offset = 100;

IDictionary<string, object> result = facebookClient.Get("/act_" + accountId +
"/adgroupstats?adgroup_ids=[" + adGroupIds + "]&start_time=" + startTime + 
"&end_time=" + endTime + "&limit=" + ADS_LIMIT + "&offset=" + offset, parameters)
as IDictionary<string, object>;

var DataResult = result["data"] as List<object>;

but DataResult.Count contains 100 rows and not 42.

can someone guess why this problem happened? (p.s. I copy and paste the string in the code to the facebook graph api and set the access token so there is no problem with it)

Any help appreciated!

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Alon Shmiel Avatar asked Mar 19 '23 14:03

Alon Shmiel

1 Answers

facebook answered me for this issue:

In this case this is not a bug and is in fact by design. Limit and Offset 
pagination is not supported across all endpoints and in the Ads API we recommend
that you instead use the "next" & "previous" paging links. This is highlighted
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Alon Shmiel Avatar answered Mar 25 '23 04:03

Alon Shmiel