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Disable the default logging of Akka ActorSystem

I need an ActorSystem that does not log anything. Trying HTTP things with spray, I'm so stupid that I can't help copying and pasting their example code here. As you would see they're using ActorSystem, whose default config messes up the stdout with a whole bunch of INFO. So how do you make an ActorSystem that fits to my need? If it could be done without any external XML or config files, I would love the way. Thank you! :)

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Ryoichiro Oka Avatar asked Mar 18 '23 17:03

Ryoichiro Oka

1 Answers

import spray.http._
import spray.client.pipelining._
import akka.actor.ActorSystem
import com.typesafe.config._

val config = ConfigFactory.load()
     .withValue("akka.loglevel", ConfigValueFactory.fromAnyRef("OFF"))
     .withValue("akka.stdout-loglevel", ConfigValueFactory.fromAnyRef("OFF"))
implicit val system = ActorSystem("AlwaysNameYourSystem", config)
import system.dispatcher // execution context for futures
// ... here goes the rest of example code

What's done here

  • Manually created an instance of Typesafe Config
  • Set log level values to highest level possible.
  • Constructed ActorSystem with explicit configuraion (docs here).

At this point you shouldn't see any messages during system startup and any spray notification

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alkersan Avatar answered Mar 21 '23 06:03