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Conversion from Func<object,string> to Func<string,string> works but to Func<int,string> fails

I have the following code:

static Func<object, string> s_objToString = (x) => x.ToString();
static Func<string, string> s_stringToString = s_objToString; //compiles
static Func<int, string> s_intToString = s_objToString; //error

The second line compiles but the third line fails to compile with error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Func<object,string>' to 'System.Func<int,string>'

Why is that?

I understand that with genetics although string is derived from object a List<string> does not derive from List<object>, but here object to string works and object to int fails, why?

OK let's say I understood why; the question now is there a way around it (other then defining MyInt class to box int because Func<object,string> to Func<MyInt,string> works)?

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Roey Nissim Avatar asked Feb 18 '23 18:02

Roey Nissim

1 Answers

It is because Func is defined as Func<in T, out TResult>, MSDN is here, so T is contra-variant with in keyword, that is, you can use either the type you specified or any type that is less derived, but remember that co-variance and contra-variance do not support for value type:

Why covariance and contravariance do not support value type

So, it works for string but does not work out with int. You might need to read more about covariance and contravariance:



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cuongle Avatar answered Apr 06 '23 07:04