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Comparison between Tigase, Openfire and any other open-source XMPP servers

I've been looking at these too, both seem to provide fully functional XMPP servers in Java. I know Tigase is designed in a very modular way, not looked at Openfire in as much detail yet.

My intended use would be to create a custom IM-based app, using XMPP for convenience rather than to open my server up to talk to other XMPP servers.

I'm trying to evaluate my needs based on the following, roughly in order of importance:

  1. Documentation coverage & community
  2. How easy to plug in own functionality
  3. Licensing/cost - I don't plan to release my code
  4. Maturity and stability
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Mr. Boy Avatar asked Jun 05 '10 22:06

Mr. Boy

4 Answers

Do not use Openfire if you expect to scale beyond a couple of thousand concurrent connections.

Tigase is amazing at handling hundreds of thousands concurrent connections and is wonderfully architected for largely distributed platforms where XMPP is simply the external interface. It comes with a price of rather poor documentation. You often need to go and read the source code to understand what's going on.

Openfire is perfect for small setups and its API is simple and very well documented. Unfortunately, it's not architected to scale even nearly close to what tigase is capable of.

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Yuriy Avatar answered Nov 17 '22 09:11


Tigase is GPL(even version 3) licensed opposed to OpenFire being under Apache license ... for closed source application is OpenFire the go.

It is embaddable and proven to be reliable - 1000s of concurrent users. It even has gateways to communicate with legacy networks - like ICQ.

Only drawback I can se here is that it can handle only one domain per instance(port), however from your description that should not be a problem.

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Marek Jelen Avatar answered Nov 17 '22 11:11

Marek Jelen

I totally agree with @Yuriy in that Tigase is great for high scalability whereas Openfire is more suitable for small, novice IT running chat for a SMB. I have gone into more detail on this in my blog on Tigase vs Openfire.

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Glenn Avatar answered Nov 17 '22 09:11


And Openfire 3.7.0.beta is out since some days now. Lots of bug fixes, now also support Solaris as host system.

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derchris Avatar answered Nov 17 '22 10:11