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Chaining queries in MongoEngine

I'm implementing a REST API for a standard CRUD app. In one example, to get a list of users, clients can call:

GET api.site.com/users (and optionally) ?name=x phone=x email=x

Passing the above optional parameters filters the users I search for.

I'm trying to implement this logic in Python. I'm thinking of chaining sub-queries, like so:


users = User.objects()


if 'name' in request.args:
    users = users.objects(name = request.args['name'])


# List of users is smaller after filtering by name
if 'phone' in request.args:
    users = users.objects(phone = request.args['phone'])


# List of users is smaller after filtering by phone
if 'email' in request.args:
    users = users.objects(email = request.args['email'])

But the method isn't available, and I can't find out how to do this by checking the MongoEngine API reference or User Guide or tutorial.

What can I do to chain sub-queries in MongoEngine?

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Jason Avatar asked Mar 22 '23 20:03


1 Answers

Since, mongoengine supports keyword arguments to the objects call, you can create a dictionary, with the keys as field_names, and values as field_values. And then use this dictionary while querying. For example:

query = {}

if 'name' in request.args:
    query['name'] = request.args['name']

if 'phone' in request.args:
    query['phone'] = request.args['phone']

if 'email' in request.args:
    query['email'] = request.args['email']

user = User.objects(**query)

The above is just a sample, you might want to add security measures, and maybe have a default query, depending on your app.

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bool.dev Avatar answered Mar 25 '23 11:03