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Can't increase scrollback buffer size in tmux




Referring to this answer I tried increasing the buffer size using commands

set-option -g history-limit 10000
set -g history-limit 10000

but it does not work for me. I want to increase the buffer size of all the windows or at least the current window in tmux. I am opening the tmux session in Putty.

Note: I was trying to use the mouse scroll. I am able to scroll up using "prefix [" but not using the mouse

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rdp Avatar asked Aug 04 '15 14:08


People also ask

How do I Scrollback in tmux?

The solution is to use tmux specific controls to access its own scrollback buffer: Ctrl-b then [ to enter copy mode, use Down/Up arrows or PageDown and PageUp keys, q or Enter to exit copy mode.

Can not scroll in tmux?

Enable and Use the Scroll Mode of Tmux You can scroll up and down in Tmux by using the following: Press Ctrl + B keys followed by the [ key. Now use the normal navigation keys on the keyboard like up arrow/down arrow, page up, page down, etc. to navigate the Tmux interface.

How do I enable my mouse in tmux?

Configure Tmux for Mouse SupportRestart Tmux or run the Tmux command source ~/. tmux. conf , and you should be able to scroll up or down the scrollback with your mouse. You'll also be able to select a pane with the mouse and resize them.

1 Answers

Some troubleshooting tools that helped me when I had this problem:


to quickly fill up the scrollback

tmux new-session

to make sure I was getting a new session

tmux show-options -g

to see if tmux actually had the right setting.

In my case, I was unknowingly attaching to previous tmux sessions, that were created before I increased the history-limit.

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Christian Long Avatar answered Sep 21 '22 17:09

Christian Long