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Can I change the iframe src according to the url?





An iframe is found with some different pages forexample <iframe src="..."></iframe> in site.com/page1 and site.com/page2, I want to change the iframe src according to the url above, Can I do that, If I can how can I do that? Please help!

Note: the url is dynamic so I can't use if else condition


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Miheretab Alemu Avatar asked Mar 20 '23 07:03

Miheretab Alemu

2 Answers


The simplest solution is don't set the iframes src in the HTML, just declare the iframe tag and give it an id, say "myIframe".

Then just do some simple javascript.

var iframe = document.getElementById('myIframe');
if(window.location.href === SITE_1_URL){
   iframe.src = something;
} else {
   iframe.src = somethingElse;

Note the iframe doesn't load until its src property is set.

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asutherland Avatar answered Mar 22 '23 21:03


on page ready event you check the current url and set the iframe src attribute according see this link

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Sérgio S. Filho Avatar answered Mar 22 '23 21:03

Sérgio S. Filho