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Call a function from a string array (Java or Groovy)

In Java, or Groovy, say I have a String array like

myArray = ["SA1", "SA2", "SA3", "SA4"]

I want to call a different function based off of each string.

class Myclass{
  public static void SA1() {
  public static void SA2() {

I would love to be able to loop through my array and call the functions that they pertain to without having to compare the string or make a case statement. For example is there a way to do something like the following, I know it doesn't currently work:


Or if you have suggestions of another way I can structure something similar.

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Kyle Weller Avatar asked Feb 19 '23 01:02

Kyle Weller

1 Answers

In groovy you can do:


In Java you can do:

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micha Avatar answered Feb 21 '23 08:02