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Best method of importing scapy

I've used: from scapy.all import * in the past however now I am getting conflicts (Queue) within the namespace.

Whats the best method to import scapy? Methods I've looked into:

import scapy
import scapy.all
from scapy import all
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geekscrap Avatar asked Mar 16 '23 18:03


2 Answers

I often use, when I do not want to overwrite my namespace:

from scapy import all as scapy

After that everything is accessible under scapy.:

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Pierre Avatar answered Mar 29 '23 19:03


from scapy.all import sr1,IP,ICMP

Is probably the best way of doing this.

To import all the layers at once (to test packets against them) use:

from scapy.layers import all
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geekscrap Avatar answered Mar 29 '23 17:03