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Automatically inserting column names for table in TOAD for Oracle

I am looking for a way to automatically insert column names in TOAD for Oracle to make it easier for writing queries.

Ideally, I would like to type something like the following:

select * from myTable;

Then, when I right-click on *, I would have the option to insert all known column names for that table.

Is it possible in Toad?

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Jeffrey Kevin Pry Avatar asked Dec 13 '22 11:12

Jeffrey Kevin Pry

1 Answers

Press F4 on that the selected table name, and in the schema browser, select the Columns tab, then select all columns. Then drag the selection, do not copy&paste, back into the editor, and you have your comma separated column names.

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Erkan Haspulat Avatar answered Jan 05 '23 01:01

Erkan Haspulat