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Angular JS tabs CSS




I am trying to build a tab page with my website using AngularJS only. I saw somewhere that it is not advisable to augment AngularJS with Jquery.

I have difficulties in remove the line between the tab and the tab content. E.g. When tab 1 is chosen, then the line below tab 1 will disappear.

Can anyone help with the CSS question?

Thank you.


<html ng-app>
<div class="tabgroup" ng-init="tab=1">
<div class="tab" ng-click="tab = 1">tab1</div>
<div class="tab" ng-click="tab = 2">tab2</div>
<div class="tabcontents">   
<div ng-show="tab == 1">
    tab 1 contents
<div ng-show="tab == 2">
    tab 2 contents

Current CSS

border: 1px solid #000000;
padding: 5px;
border: 1px solid #000000;    
padding: 5px;

This is my Fiddle

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Wilson Avatar asked Mar 21 '23 09:03


2 Answers

One option is to use ng-class where we add a class (for instance selected) on the "selected" tab. For example:

<div class="tab" ng-class="{selected: tab==1}" ng-click="tab = 1">tab1</div>
<div class="tab" ng-class="{selected: tab==2}" ng-click="tab = 2">tab2</div>

The above{selected: tab==1} says to add the class "selected" if the condition "tab == 1" is true.

And then add css for the selected tab. For instance to remove the bottom border on the selected item:

.selected {
    border-bottom: none;

Updated fiddle

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KayakDave Avatar answered Mar 23 '23 23:03


You can use ng-class to conditionally add or remove a classname.


<div class="tab" ng-click="tab = 1" ng-class="{tabactive:tab === 1}">tab1</div>
<div class="tab" ng-click="tab = 2" ng-class="{tabactive:tab === 2}">tab2</div>

Then include the class you wish to add when the condition is met.

    border-bottom:0px solid #000;
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Jonathan Palumbo Avatar answered Mar 23 '23 23:03

Jonathan Palumbo